Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Winterpeg sights

Winnipeg has been nicknamed Winterpeg because of its cold and long winters. We are now in the deep freeze having temperatures of minus 28 C and windchill of minus 32. Brrr.... Here are some sights that are common here in the winter.

Plugs (and extension cords) sticking out of cars.

Mountains of snow.

Shoveled pathway walled by a pile of snow.

Drinks chilling on the snow.

Foggy eyeglasses. This happens when you're outside in the frigid weather and then get inside a heated shelter. It's such a hassle to wear glasses.


X-Pat Files said...

What they say is true: It's so cold in Canada. And you even live in "Winterpeg."

I like the photos you posted here, especially the last two. I like super cold drinks (you have an instand fridge there) and I wear eyeglasses so I know how your son feels, hehe. :-)

ren said...

I spent my 2003-04 winter in Winnipeg, and I believe it was one of the coldest in 20 years. the below 50 temp experience is unforgettable.

incidentally, we are experiencing the coldest day of the season right now here in edmonton. it was a nice +12 last weekend, but now it is a frigging -28, and a windchill of -42!

earthember said...

-28 degrees C? Okay, I'd better not complain about my 3-5 degrees here. Haha.

But the snow looks very inviting though.

Sidney said...

I don't know how you guys are surviving those cold weather. I guess I would never go out of my house. I would stay the whole day near (or in ) the fireplace ! :-)
I send you a warm Manila breeze with this comment ! :-)
Take care !

BW said...

I guess the warm wind found its way in Toronto this time around. We had the warmest January in 100 years! Global warming where are you?

bing said...

wow, freezing cold! i cannot survive that. sobra akong maginawin.

i once wore eyeglasses and i know the feeling...

belated happy heart's day to you!

Hsin said...

Urgh, I feel cold just looking at your pictures. Guess I shouldn't brag, but 20 plus deg celcius is really more my style. *grin* That said, I'm sure I get several times more pollution that you in Winterpeg!