Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Why are men such big babies?

Our local stations are running a commercial of the Dairy Queen Dream Pie Blizzard Treat. Here’s the scene. Mr. Lee and the pregnant missus are sharing the Dream Pie. Mr. Lee takes a bite and dreams about having a baby boy announced when the missus delivers. Then back to reality. It is Mrs. Lee’s turn to take a spoon of the Blizzard Treat. In her dream, it is Mr. Lee who’s on the table about to pop up the baby. Mrs. Lee is holding the video camera and Mr. Lee gets mad at her, “You did this to me.” Now, that is my kind of dream.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if it is the man who gets pregnant and carries the baby?

On the “Ask an expert” segment of Balance with Dr. Marla Shapiro the other day, the question was: Do women feel more pain than men? Answer: Not necessarily. But women can put up with more pain because they suffer more pain. Women get menstrual cramps and they give birth. They are used to the pain.

Sometimes I get annoyed when my husband takes a week off from work because of a cold. I know, I’m bad. But he can be such a big baby when he’s sick. I get sick and I can still manage to work. Okay, that’s because I work at home. But still, when I’m sick, I can’t lie down and stay in bed. I still have to get up, help the kids get ready for school, feed them, or attend to their needs and still do the chores. When the husband is sick, he grumbles and stays in bed all day. Or lies on the couch and watches TV or sits infront of the computer for hours. Oh wait, I think he does these too even when he's not sick. Now, can you blame me if I get irritated?

If it was turned around and the man is the one who gives birth, do you think they wouldn’t be such big babies?


bing said...

almost the same questions i have in mind! God should have given them their fair share of pain.

TK said...

check out this blog entry entitled "Last Night" about husbands wanting to trade places with their wives.


talk about a "raw deal."

domestic rat said...

I think women just have a higher threshold for pain. Unlike your hubby, MM pushes himself to work even when he's sick but yet he cannot withstand Thai massages! So I can't understand men sometimes.

BW said...

Common problem with marriage. That's what happens when man and woman vie to the title of leader of the house. Maybe we really ought to have job descriptions at home ! It is not fun for one person to bear the brunt of it all. It also doesn't mean that if you make the higher income, you ought to bossing around everbody.

niceheart said...

Bing, it’s not that I think men don't have their fair share of pain, perhaps not physical but other forms of pain. I’m just teasing here and venting a little. :)

TK, I have read that entry in an email before. There was an Oprah show, or was it a Dr. Phil show, where a couple of husbands traded places with their wives. Of course, in the end, the husbands realized that their wives have a very demanding “work” at home.

DR, men and women are just so different that it’s really hard to understand each other.

BW, I agree that you shouldn’t feel superior if you have the higher income. About job descriptions, I think we have been so used to the notion that it should be the woman who should be the homemaker and caretaker of all, but with the changing times and women also entering the work force, men should also realize that they should have their fair share of duties at home. Of course, I’m not referring to all men. My husband does help around the house when he’s not sick. I'd just want him to help more than what he usually does. :)

Ann said...

I still remember, 2 days after I gave birth with my youngest son, my hubby had a fever. When friends come to visit they thought he was the one who came from the hospital..hehehe. He was the one sleeping on the bed.

Lord Vader said...

Aww, women have it soo bad and men have it soo good cry? Why can't men have babies rant :)

Well you know you love that sensitive part of men. Enjoy when a man shows the vulnerable side of himself. He's making up for all that time he has to stay STRONG for his woman :)


Yup, spoiling for a fight with all the women out there :)

Sidney said...

Well, it is nice that men and women are different ! ;-)