Monday, September 20, 2004

Of mosquitoes and last names

RK played outside with his cousins after school. When he came back inside, he had several mosquito bites on his legs. On his right leg, he had one on the knee, and just below, four big ones in a row on his leg. And then two more close to the ankle on his left leg. This morning, he wanted to wear shorts, but I was reluctant because I didn’t want him to be bitten when they have outside recess at school. He decided to wear long pants anyway.

RK: I know Jordan’s last name, it’s Young.
Mom: Oh, I like that name.
RK: I know Amica’s last name, L----. Ancie’s last name is the same, also Gaudie.
Mom: They have the same last names because they’re brothers and sisters.
RK: Mommy, what’s your last name?
Mom: The same as yours, S--------.
RK: Ooh! (and he flashed a smile.)

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