Tuesday, May 10, 2005

An amazing couple

The kids at the orphanage in South Africa touched Uchenna and Joyce. They have been trying to have their own baby. The first time this couple touched me was during the Fast Forward in India. Joyce did not hesitate to cut her long hair. Uchenna said that she didn’t have to do it but Joyce didn’t want to go back and start all over again. She was determined to win. I watched her cry as her head was shaved. Uchenna was very supportive as he kissed Joyce while she was being shaved and he said that she looked beautiful even though she was bald. I thought so, too.

They were at last place going into the final leg of The Amazing Race 7. As a penalty, they had to surrender all their belongings and hand in all their money. But they didn’t lose hope. They begged for money. They arrived at the final stop in Miami first, but they owed the cab driver. They could have left the driver and ran towards the finish line, but they wanted to make sure that the driver was covered. So they lingered at the gate and begged some more. Rob and Amber could have easily caught up to them. But it was their fate to win the million dollars. I have tears in my eyes when they stepped on The Mat and Phil announced that they won The Amazing Race. I think they deserved it. They have good hearts. What an amazing couple!

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