Monday, May 16, 2005

You like me

I watched the final episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” This show is about a family that bickers with each other a lot. On this episode, Ray needed surgery to remove his adenoid. When the nurse came out from the operating room and told the family that Ray was not coming out of anaesthesia, Debra, Ray’s wife started to fall apart. Robert, Ray’s ever jealous brother, also panicked and eagerly offered to help. "Let me in," he said to the nurse. “I'm his blood type!” Thirty seconds later, the surgeon came out and said that Ray just woke up and he was all right. Of course, everybody was relieved.

Back at home, Ray found out how Debra reacted at the hospital. He realized how much Debra loved him. “You like me,” he said teasingly. It was hilarious how the couple was too embarrassed to admit that they do love each other so they just used sign language. It was funny and yet very touching.

We bicker with our loved ones but that doesn’t mean that we hate them. Sometimes the thought of losing them makes us realize how much we love them.

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