Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fruits galore

I was in heaven last weekend when I saw guavas at Superstore. Of course, I bought some. This fruit has a sweet flesh and tiny seeds that can also be eaten. It was only a few years ago when I started to see guavas here in Winnipeg. The ones that are sold here are as big as apples. The ones I grew up eating in the Philippines were smaller and not as sweet.

A few months ago, I was in the same fruit and vegetable section at Superstore when I saw the balimbing (starfruit). I was so excited then because it was the first time I saw balimbing here. I’ve forgotten what they taste like. And they were also quite big. Twice the size of the ones we have in the Philippines. So I bought a few and eagerly showed it to my kids when I got home. I cut it crosswise to show them the star shape. At first they were reluctant to taste it. When I took my first bite, I told them it was very juicy. The taste was somewhere between sweet and sour, but you don’t really need salt. It was good. Reggie liked it but the two younger ones didn’t care much.

Balimbing is a Filipino term used to describe people (especially referred to politicians) who switch sides or loyalties depending on their needs.

Another fruit that is quite big in size compared to the ones in the Philippines is the banana. Let the picture speak for itself.

Banana, cantaloupe, guava, red delicious apple, star fruit, navel orange.


earthember said...

I haven't come across guava or starfruit here. Well, maybe I didn't look hard enough. I find them too sour. But I like the star shape.

watson said...

Ironically, I don't recall having tasted balimbing yet. Makabili nga when I go to Baguio.

Bayabas na nabaad sa suka! Sarap!

Hsin said...

Didn't think they would carry guavas or starfruit out there - would there be enough of a market for them? I love guava, but pass on the starfruit - it's usually tasteless and too tart for me.

Sidney said...

Eat a lot of fruits! It is healthy.
Great fruits in the Philippines.:-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing that you get these tropical fruits in the dead of winter!

niceheart said...

Ange,Hsin, the ones I bought were not that sour.

BW, I think they came from tropical countries. They weren't cheap.

bing said...

i love the color of the fruits in this picture. guava and balimbing are my favorites, too.

but it made me wonder how big the balimbing you bought. i havent seen balimbings that big. perhaps because they were of 'export quality'.