Monday, January 16, 2006

Thanks for the Memories - Revisited

I've been feeling a little melancholy these past few days and I thought about another time when I felt sad. Hence, I am re-publishing one of my earlier posts from September 2004. This is one of my favourites.

I bought my washer and dryer at a garage sale about ten years ago. They were still in good working condition after all those years, although the outside of the body now have patches of rust. I changed the washer fan belt shortly after I bought it.

Two weeks ago, my sister asked me if I wanted to buy her washer and dryer since she was buying new ones. Ronald have always wanted to buy a new set of washer/dryer because he claimed that our old ones could be very noisy and they distracted his music listening down there in the basement. He agreed to buy Lina's washer/dryer. Her new ones were delivered today. I have to get rid of my old ones. I was thinking of giving them away to charity or to any friend who might be interested. But instead, I asked the delivery guys if they could dispose them off for me. They agreed to do it at a reasonable price.

As I watched the two delivery guys carry off my washer with two wide yellow belts strapped on their shoulders, choreographing their steps up and down the basement stairs, I felt a lump rose in my throat. I was sad to let the washer/dryer go.

Once or twice a year, I clean out our storage in the laundry room. Some clothes and stuff - I give away to my sister, or to charity. I don't have a hard time giving those away. But this time I was really having a hard time letting go of our washer/dryer.

They were one of the first appliances I ever owned. I used them every single week. I was always the one who washed our clothes. They stood there in the basement as I tried to remove apple stains on baby shirts, green grass stains on my children's jeans, and red chapstick marks on Reggie's sleeves. They were there when I tried to shake out shredded tissues that were left in pockets and when I tried to soak Reggie's light grey Power Rangers shirt that turned pink when Ronald did the laundry while I was in the hospital with my second baby. That's why when I delivered my third baby, I was anxious to get home so that I could sort the laundry myself before he washed them.

I guess it's the memories that come with my washer/dryer that makes it hard for me to let go. Anyway, those memories will stay with me even though I part with my old rusty appliances. I'm sure that I will make new memories with my new ones.


earthember said...

Sorry to hear that you're feeling down. I guess, these melancholic moments happen once in a while, to allow our emotions sort themselves out. Hope you're feeling better now. :)

I agree that the memories attached to your washer/dryer made it harder for you to let them go.

Sidney said...

I also have those kinds of feelings. I can't throw anything away. Everything is connected to past (mostly)happy memories and it is hard to let go.
But that is life...

Hsin said...

Hope you're feeling a little better. I find the cold weather always makes me a little more down - shorter days, less sunlight.

It's what the old appliances/things represent that makes us feel so maudlin sometimes. So many memories attached to them.

Senor Enrique said...

It's the winter blues that I never got to like while living in NYC. I even got into skiing to enjoy those months, but I'm basically a summer person.

I have the same feeling with my car that I really should trade in only because it's almost impossible to get replacement parts. Somehow I kept reneging. It's like an important part of me :(

niceheart said...

Thanks for the concern. I'm feeling much better now.

Jayred said...

Blame it on sentimental value. :-)

This post reminds me that I have to do the (dreaded) monthly laundry on Monday. How I wish we could have our own washer and dryer someday here in Switzerland (it's forbidden to own one in our apartment complex).