Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Case of the Flakes

I saw the tiny white crumb-like stuff on the back of the navy blue sweater as he got up after shutting down the computer. White flakes on a dark shirt used to be a common sight a few years ago, before my husband treated his dandruff. But this guy, who was five feet and two inches tall, was not my husband. This was my fourteen-year old son.

“What is that on your sweater, Reggie!” I blurted out as I flicked with my fingers the white flakes under his neck. I parted his thick black hair in different areas to confirm my suspicion. I saw patches of crusty scales. “Did that hurt?” I asked him when I scratched off some of it and more flakes fell on his sweater.

“No,” he simply replied.

“You have some kind of rash on your scalp.” I avoided using the word “dandruff.” Children don’t get dandruff. Only adults do, I thought.

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Senor Enrique said...

Your son's reserved demeanor is the quintessential image of cool amongst jazz artists :)

Speaking of hair care, I used to get crazy with Body Shop and Casswell & Massey products until I rediscovered our local virgin coconut oil -- works wonders for me.

Toe said...

I love the part when you were applying cream to his head... makes me sigh. Haaaay! Like Senor Enrique, I also use virgin coconut oil on my head and body. :)

niceheart said...

Regarding jazz artists' demeanor, is it so, Eric?

Now, if both you and Toe use virgin coconut oil, I'm intrigued. Better get myself some of that.

TK said...

VCO. Hmm. I heard it's becoming our country's most sought after export. they say it's going to save the copra industry here in the Philippines.

Senor Enrique said...

Yes, jazz artists are often quiet and cerebral, and sometimes mistaken as aloof (but they're not). They're just chasing some music inside their head; once caught,they take it to unknown territories (music-wise, that is). That's why it's jazz.

I'm surprised you haven't tried VCO, yet. BTW, better have a bottle handy, because they're great against pimples and some skin rashes, too. The boys will love you for that!

niceheart said...

I'm going to find out if it is sold here. :)

Abaniko said...

I tried Nizoral before and it's effective. So far, my dandruff hasn't come back.

Sidney said...

I never knew about the benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil until a copra dealer in Quezon city invited me for a lecture in his house. I was busy taking pictures and he thought I was a journalist. He wanted me to spread the word. Virgin Coconut Oil is good for almost everything. You can just take a spoon of VCO everyday and a lot of sicknesses will go away.
Nice guy, he gave me two free bottles because I listened to his story :-)

It is not easy to connect with your chidren aged 15 till 18. They have their own world and they are ashamed to share it with their parents. I don't think this is worysome. Just another stage before they become adults.

niceheart said...

Yup, Abaniko. Nizoral is effective. My son has been dandruff-free eversince.

Thanks, Sidney, for saying that about kids his age. I've also been told about that by other parents. I'm looking forward to that stage when he can come and open up to me.

bingskee said...

Nizoral is effective. VCO is not - for my hubby. i guess it depends on the scalp.

so sweet of you to be so concerned of your growing boy..

niceheart said...

Thanks, Bing.

Anonymous said...

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I use ELECOM LOTION too! It works magic!