Saturday, March 04, 2006

What they should give up

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. But it is still winter here in Winnipeg and there are still big piles of snow everywhere. We may be used to it, but five months of cold weather can be a real drag.

My two younger ones are starting to get bored and have been constantly bickering these past few days. I have been working longer hours and have been in low spirits since the year started. My body is aching and my patience is getting shorter.

“Get out of my bed! Go in your own bed!”

“Get off me.”

“Stop looking at me.”

“Don’t hit back.”

“Mommy, Kuya Ryan called me a name.”

Get the idea?

So, I wasn’t really in a very good mood when I had this conversation with Ryan two days ago.

“Mommy, when does Lent begin?”

“On Ash Wednesday.”

“I wonder what I’m gonna give up. Mmn. I think I’m gonna give up chocolates. Nah. I’m giving up doing chores.”

“Ryan, you give up good things, not chores.”

“Mmn. What should I give up?”

“What about giving up fighting with your brother. Giving up making him feel bad. What about that?”

When Ryan came home from catechism today, he told me that they did a fun activity. They popped up balloons and they each got a strip of paper inside the balloons. This is what’s written on Ryan’s.

Give up one TV show today and spend that time helping a family member.

“Mommy, can I pick another day to do this? I have to watch Pokemon today.”

From the car window on the way home from church, I’ve seen the snow piles on the streets have become higher since we’ve had two 10 cm snowfalls the past few days.

“Move, I can’t reach my seatbelt.”

“You move.”

Yeah, the bickerings continue.

My head hurts. Somebody please give me Tylenol. I think I’m going to bed early tonight.


myepinoy said...

Ha ha ha Kids... They give you headache when they are around.. But you miss them when they are not and your life is incomplete without their usual noise and kiddy acts, etc..

Wait till they grow up. You will know what I'm saying.

bing said...

take it easy... take a deep breath. they just love to bicker endlessly but wait till they tire out, you will miss the bickerings... hehe

Abaniko said...

Boys, boys, boys. At least they only bicker, Niceheart. I remember we used to be physical when we were kids. We had bruises, cuts and bleeding from fights. Haha.

But I'm sure their noises are a music to a parent like you. Ask any childless couple.

Sidney said...

He,he... smart kids ;-)

niceheart said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I know that they are only being kids and that they will grow up really fast and even before I notice it. I know should treasure every moment with them while they are still young, sweet moments and not-so-sweet ones.

They can also get physical, Abaniko, but not (yet) to the point of bleeding. I hope they don't get into that kind of fighting when they become teen-agers.

You're right, Sidney, they're too smart for their own good. :)

element said...
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Hsin said...

Endless bickering - my sister complains about that too with her kids being of school-going age. They fight too. You hate it now, but you will miss it when they all grow up and learn to be civilized...