Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Reviving my old blog

I don't know why I feel like reviving this blog when I haven't posted anything in it for two years. Yeah, I've been blogging in Wordpress for two years now. Well, it also seems that long to me since I have posted a lot of entries there. I just find it odd, yes I find myself odd :) , that I am resurrecting this blog at a time when I'm not even actively blogging. It's true that I can still manage to compose a post at least once a week, but my bloghopping activities have diminished a lot these past six months or so. And I think that's also the reason why my blog stats have dwindled a lot. But I don't really care about the numbers. Okay, so I still check the stats once in a while. But I don't obsess about it. I know there are bloggers who say they don't care, but you know they do. As for me, if people visit my blog, good. Thank you very much. If not, that's fine too. And it doesn't mean I won't visit theirs anymore. I will still do when I get the chance.

So what do I plan on posting here. Maybe just some of my favourite songs, movies or videos. Or some of my silly thoughts and musings :) . Or stuff that I feel too embarrassed to post in my Wordpress blog because as much as I try to be anonymous there, I think it's too late. People I know are reading that blog. :) Or maybe, I can finally blog about work.

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Wil said...

I didn't add Sitemeter or any other stat counter when I changed my blog address so that I don't think about my stats at all. :)