Friday, July 01, 2005

Canada Day at The Ex

We had quite a downpour on the last week of school. So when the forecast said that it would be sunny on Canada Day with a high of 24C, I thought that it was better to bring the kids to The Ex on that day and use their “Read & Win Pass” instead of the last day of The Ex, July 2, which would be a hotter day, 28C.

Ryan didn’t want to come. I didn’t make him go because I didn’t want to deal with his “I didn’t even want to come here.” Mabuti na lang at hindi nga siya sumama. He would have complained. Susme. Who would have thought that there would be thousands of people at The Ex on Canada Day. The bus was all packed. You wouldn’t believe the traffic when we got close there. Reggie, Ryland and I ended up walking because the bus wasn’t moving. We got there before the bus did. The parking lot was full. There were cars parked on the highway and even on the grass.

There were lines at the gate and at the rides. It wasn’t that bad naman. We went to the Glass House and the Cuckoo Haus. Ryland tried the balloon darts twice and he got prizes (plush toys) on both tries. He and Reggie tried the Rising Water but the girl on #12 won. Ryland and I went on the Tilt-A-Whirl. Ryland didn’t get dizzy. I did. Mahihiluhin talaga ako. Anyway, we had fun and brought home cotton candy for Ryan.

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