Tuesday, December 06, 2005

How much does it cost to see a movie?

We paid only Cdn$4.25 a ticket at Garden City Cinema here in Winnipeg when we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this past weekend. I don’t know if it’s because we caught the matinee. The last time my three kids and I went to the movies, we paid Cdn$8.50 each. Well, I’m not complaining.

This is how much we spent: ($ = Cdn$)

Tickets $4.25 x 4 = $ 17.00 (taxes included)

Large popcorn $5.79 x 2 = $11.58
Extra butter $0.25 x 2 = $0.50
Small Kool-aid $3.29 x 3 = $9.87
7% GST (goods & services tax) = $1.54
7% PST (provincial sales tax) = $1.54

Total = $42.03

We couldn't forego the overpriced popcorn and drinks. My kids don't see the point of going to the movies without these. If you will notice, we shared the popcorn and I didn't buy drinks for myself.

We saved $17.00 this time, ticket was half price. Otherwise, we would have spent $59.03. Quite pricey, eh? This is the reason we go to the movies only once or twice a year. We usually just wait for the movies to come out on DVD.

What about in your city, how much does it cost to go to the movies?


Abaniko said...
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Abaniko said...

For 5 persons:
Borrowed DVD = $0
30 pcs of "pig pies" = $0.6
Two bottles of Coke = $1.0
Electricity = $1.0
TOTAL = $2.6

But most of the time it's only around $1 for electricity because we don't eat while watching. Tipid, no?

However at the cinema, it's approx $1.5 per ticket here in Davao.

Sidney said...

100 pesos here in Manila. :-)

Hsin said...

Chicago, IMAX Theatre

1 adult ticket = US$14.50
Booking fee = US$1.00
Popcorn and other titbits = US$0

Was too cheap to spend on food. Plus being pregnant in winter, buying a soda for a 2.5 hour movie is just plain stupid if you don't want to walk out halfway and pee.

Darlene said...

Six of us went to St. Vital Cinema the other night to watch Chicken Little. It cost:

Borrowed DVD = $0
0 pcs of "pig pies" = $0
0 bottles of Coke = $0
Electricity = $0
But let's not forget:
Admission 8.50 x 6 $51.00
Popcorn and drinks $35.00
Grand total $86.00

I should hang out with Abaniko.

earthember said...

Wow, so pricey! I haven't been to the movies for a while now. Renting dvds is cheaper.

earthember said...

Btw, also dropping a note that you've been tagged to do a childhood food meme. (I've moved my blog.)

Soul_Seeker said...

I live in Chicago, too, so Hsin's answer pretty much applies to my situation. Whenever I watch a movie here, I don't spend on food as much as possible so as to cut down on my expenses. I agree, renting DVDs is cheaper.

The cost of watching movies here is exactly the reason why I like going to the movies whenever I go home to the Philippines.

Senor Enrique said...

Last I went to see a movie in Manhattan's Sony Theaters, tickets were $10.00 each.

Although DVDs or VCDs at home are cheaper, there's nothing like watching a movie with hundreds of other people. Especially for the children, they love seeing a much-anticipated film with other kids in the audience, too. I guess it's like going to the circus when we were young.

So, here in Manila, I shell out 100 pesos each plus whatever for the popcorn and drinks because I want the kids to enjoy the experience even though if only once in a while.