Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"A Special Surprise" - A Labour of Love

Earlier this year, I wrote The Birth of Our Baby when Ryland celebrated his seventh birthday. This prompted me to also write about Ryan’s birth, Our Small Miracle, when he turned 11 this past June. So I vowed to myself that I would write about Reggie’s as well when he celebrated his birthday in November.

You’d think that I would have enough time to do that. But alas, no. I’d like to say that it was the procrastinator in me who waited until November to even sit down and start writing this story. Well, that played a part. But to tell you the truth, this story had been one of the hardest for me to write. Not just because it happened 16 years ago and I had to dig deep in my thoughts to recall the details. But then again, I’ve written stories that are older than this.

1989, the year I got pregnant with my first-born, had been one of the most emotional episodes of my life. You’ll understand once you read A Special Surprise. It’s about the trials I faced and the decisions I had to make when I learned that I was pregnant with Reggie, who turned 16 in November.

I didn’t want to end the year without completing the stories of the births of my three children, the loves of my life. So thanks to my four-day Christmas vacation, I was able to finish the story of Reggie’s birth.

Just as Reggie had been a fruit of love, this story has been a labour of love. As I wrote this story, I was transported back in time - emotionally - that I found myself in tears when I read my finished work. But then again, I always get emotional at this time of the year.

And now, I present to you...

A Special Surprise


“I hope you won’t change the way you treat me as a friend and view me as a person once you hear what I am about to say,” I told my friend Jocelyn as we head back to the office after our coffee break one afternoon in June, 1989.

She turned to me and asked with eagerness, “What is it, Irene?”

“I’m pregnant,” I said.

I watched her eyes widen with excitement.

“You’re the first one to know,” I added.

She was the only one at my work place whom I trusted.

I was 24 and single. Mama came home during the Christmas holidays. We had such a good time. Mama had been in Canada since I was 15 and she would come home for a three-week visit once every two years. Mama stayed with me at the house I was renting in Pasig. My sister and her family came over several times during Mama’s vacation. That January we threw a birthday party for my niece, who turned one.

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Talits said...

Thanks for forwarding this new site. May you and your family have the best in 2006! I've read your new article about your eldest's son story and I'm very much touched. It brings back the memory of our struggle when we came here in Winterpeg. Congratulations and keep it up!

Senor Enrique said...

That is indeed a wonderful story and I'm sure Reggie would appreciate it throughout his life. Most important, I'm glad everything turned out just fine for all. What a great family you have!



Jocelyn said...

Hi Irene,

Happy New Year! I've read your blog and I saw my name, wow extra
ako...hehehe...I remembered that day and how you told me that you
can't believe how it happened just like that, until now when I heard somebody is pregnant I still remember your comment that it could happen so quickly. Anyway, how time flies, may 16 year old ka na, may gf na ba si reggie? few years from now you will be writing about your first apo :-)


Peace, love and abundance this coming new year 2006!

Darlene said...

Irene, I have a little question for you, and I wondered if you could email me if you have a chance at

Hsin said...

It's an amazing story of battling against the odds. I'm sure your son must really appreciate it now that he's almost an adult.

Have a great New Year!

Anonymous said...

Times does fly past eh? In a few years time, they would be full grown adults. We all miss kids when they're toddlers and my wife wishes they don't grow up! Little kids, tough as they are to rear and definitely treasures.

watson said...

Hello Niceheart! Bloghopping to wish you and your beautiful family a Happy New Year! From Nick, Tina and Jo-Lo

myepinoy said...

Your story reminds me of the actual situation when I was still working in one of the banks in the Phils.

My friend, got into the same situation as yours. She was about to leave to the U.S. and her BF to Australia. One night did it.

It was really an ordeal for them as it was for me because I have nothing to advise. I was still young then, and here was my friend in a problematic situation.

At that time, the pressure was not "keeping the baby or not" but from her family side. Her parents are leaders of Iglesia ni Cristo. You know the kind of pressure she was into.

Anyhow, the story ended well. They never went to where they were supposed to go, instead they faced the situation and got married.

Happy New Year. May God Bless you, your kids and your family.

Joy said...

What an inspiring story. Truly, each child, whether planned or an "accident" is a gift from God. It's up to us to reognize them as such.
Happy New Year!

earthember said...

A great story! I agree with the comment above that a child, whether planned or an "accident" is a gift from God.

Have a good year ahead and many more to come!