Thursday, December 01, 2005

The sneeze

The Sneeze
by Sheree Fitch

I winked and I blinked
And my nose got itchy
And my eyes all watered
And my mouth went twitchy
I went AHHHH
I went AHHHH
And I blew
And I sneezed
Then I coughed
And I wheezed
And my brother said, "Oh, brother!"
And my mother said,
My father said, "Bless you!"
And I said, Ah . . . ah . . . ah . . .

Whenever one of my children sneezes, I say "Bless you." Once, Ryan sneezed three times in a row and I said "Bless you" three times in a row. When I sneeze, Ryland will say, "Bless you, Mommy." And I will say, "Oh thank you, Ryland."

This weekend, I was shopping with Ryland and this lady sneezed and I said, "Bless you." She said, "Thank you."

What about you? Do you say "Bless you" when somebody sneezes, even if you don't know them?

The picture above is one of the many Christmas lights that adorn Winnipeg streets. I think it depicts Father Winter blowing snow. This one is located in front of the City Hall.


earthember said...

When I was a kid, my parents or relatives would say "God Bless you" whenever someone sneezed. I sort of outgrew it and forgot about it. I shd start that now, given the sneezing season.

Senor Enrique said...

Out of habit I would say it even if I didn't know the person. It feels good though; it's like saying "Good morning" or "Good Evening" to total strangers.

Here in Manila, I'd find myself saying "Bless you!" automatically. Most have no idea of what I said; they just look at me with amusement :)

Abaniko said...

I say nothing to the sneezer. It's a cultural thing, I think. When a friend sneezes and says "Excuse me," I'd jokingly reply "You're welcome."

BW said...

People normally say "bless you" at the office where people normally know each other. There are people who would say bless you albeit occassionally when you sneeze in the mall or a restaurant but in trains or buses, you better cover your mouth else you get that queer stare!

dagmara said...

Let's start a new tradition

Let's say Bless You to those who cover their sneeze or cough.
And try to educate the rest.