Sunday, November 27, 2005

He is an explorer of music and ...

My oldest son, Reggie, plays the flute and he is into jazz music. I was impressed when I heard him tell his flute instructor last year that he wanted to be a jazz flutist. I have shared my sentiments about his passion. When I first realized that he wanted to pursue a career in music, in the Performing Arts, I worried about any rejection he might experience, or the instability of his chosen career. But of course I realized as well that rejection is a part of life, and one chooses a career based on one's calling, passion, or dreams.

There isn't a day that goes by that Reggie doesn't caress that thin silver instrument. Playing the flute has become his routine. I've heard him improve as the years go by. He's become a very good flutist. And I'm not saying this just because I am his mother. His teachers have told me so as well. People have also come up to him and praised him for his excellent performances. I now totally support his passion. After all, who am I to hinder his dreams, right? I am his parent and it is my job to encourage him to pursue his dreams.

So when I learned that my friend Rowena was throwing a retirement party, I saw an opportunity for Reggie to expose his talent to a different kind of audience. Except for the Cool Jazz Festival this past June, he usually just plays for school concerts. I immediately asked Rowena if he could play. She gladly agreed and he eagerly formed a band. The sextet played jazz tunes (which included The Way You Look Tonight, Autumn Leaves, etc. ) last weekend at Rowena's party. Reggie was so good, and so was the rest of the band. I was so proud of him and I was also happy that my friends finally heard my first-born play.

Reggie wrote this poem two years ago. I have shared in this blog some of his journal entries in Grade 2. As I have promised before, his writing has become a lot better and deeper.

I am an explorer of music and a dedicated friend ©
by Reggie, Grade 9, 2003

I am an explorer of music and a dedicated friend.
I wonder what the future has in store.
I hear the applause of the audience after one of my symphonic successes.
I see my friends and family applauding as well.
I want to become a better musician, exploring every corner and chord of the vast art.
I am an explorer of music and a dedicated friend.

I imagine I'm in the bustling city of Tokyo, jamming with Nobuo.
I feel I'm right where I belong right now, even though I could be someplace better.
I touch people's lives with the ideas that come flowing through my flute.
I worry my positive outlook in life will change.
I cry when someone close fades away to the gates of heaven.
I am an explorer of music and a dedicated friend.

I understand we must support each other to get through life.
I say every moment in life should be spent with happiness.
I dream of my friends and I impressing a sea of spectators with our musical talent.
I try to use what I've learned from the people around me.
I hope for a future as bright as a highly polished flute.
I am an explorer of music and a dedicated friend.

© 2003-2005 Reggie


earthember said...

I'm impressed with Reggie's poem. Yes, it's deep, as you've promised.

There's always the job insecurity for a musician. Hence, most people have taken music as a hobby rather than a career. Yet, there're many others who have embarked on it, and proved otherwise.

I was caught in that cross-road at one time of my life. My dad still plays music, performs at times, but only on the side. As he put it, "not for a living, but only to fool old ladies...." ;)

Senor Enrique said...

Reggie is doing what I used to dream of although I took lessons for a couple of years. I still have my silver Gemeinhardt, and like a lover, I couldn't seem to let it go of it. Once in a while I'd polish it lovingly.

I used to see Hubert Laws and Jean Pierre Rampal at Carnegie Hall, and would just get totally lost in the "healing" sound of the flute.

May I also suggest that he checks out Herbie Mann and Eric Dolphy (the American jazz musician); he may like them.

Keep us posted of his progress!


Sidney said...

A talented young man! Nice!

Soul_Seeker said...

Your son writes well! I'm so impressed. As for his interest in music, I'm sure he'll reach heights. You must be so proud of him.

Take care!