Saturday, October 02, 2004


RK, my 1st grader, is bringing leaves inside the house. He is learning about Fall in school, as well as the different colors and other things associated with this season.

I should have worn something on my head. The cold air gave me a slight headache.

It was a sight to see the trees with still dark leaves behind the trees with now yellow leaves.

I liked the crunching sound the dried brown leaves made under my black leather shoes.

Today was RG's first flute lesson with Lori. "I want to be a jazz flutist," I heard RG told her when she asked why he's taking flute lessons. Wow, I thought. He's really gonna pursue a career in music. "I don't like soft jazz, though," he added.

R came with me to Superstore (That was a first!) I've been complaining about how he doesn't help me with the groceries. Sometimes my back hurts carrying the heavy bags. I think he went with me today only because he had to buy this kettle for work. Let's see if he comes again next time.

I brought RK with us because he needed new shoes. He still wants to wear his Incredible Hulk shoes which were already a size small on him. The other day, he showed me the blister on his toe. He has another pair, a hand-me-down from RG, but I guess he didn't want to wear those to school because they were old. We couldn't find any that would fit him. Later at night, we went to Zellers and found one. I bought new sweaters for RG, as well. These kids sure grow up so fast.

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