Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Of sports and tim

THE TWINS ARE WAKING UP IN THE BIG APPLE THIS MORNING says the walking headline at the bottom of the TV screen. It took me a moment to realize what it meant. Actually I thought it meant that the baseball team was winning over another team in New York. Until RC told me that it meant that the Minnesota Twins were practising in the Yankees Stadium that morning.

I didn't know much about sports until RC got interested about 2 years ago. (I tried to get interested in basketball before, but R didn't have patience with me.) First thing RC does in the morning is turn on the TV in the kitchen and put it on any sports channel or news. We fought over that in the summer, him watching too much TV, sports for that matter. Not harmless you might think, but when he started having headaches, I said that was because of watching too much TV and staying up late at night watching TV.

He asks me a lot of things that he hears on TV, especially when I'm watching the news and in turn, he tells me anything I want to know about sports. When we watch Jeopardy, his face lights up when Sports is one of the Category and he is happy when he knows the answers to the questions. When there is a Music category, he calls RG to watch with us because sometimes RG knows the answers.

I savour precious moments like these. They remind me of moments I spent with Papa when he would help me with my homework, when we played scrabble as a family, or just when I would ask him about anything under the sun. I thought he was very smart.

RG got his Annual Book from his old school. He wrote -- Ambition: To meet and work with Nobuo Uematsu. Fate: Will end up working for American Hi-Fi.

RK: Mommy, Tim (RG’s friend) is lucky.
Mom: Why?
RK: He only has 2 letters in his name.
Mom: (wonders) What letters?
RK: T and M
Mom: Tim is T-I-M.
RK: Oh. But September has tim.
Mom: Oh, that is T-E-M.

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