Sunday, October 03, 2004

My perfect day

Around 9:00 am. I was awakened by RK when he entered my bedroom and went to my side of the bed.
RK: Mommy, I want to eat breakfast.
M: Where's Kuya RG?
RK: He's eating breakfast.
M: Just ask kuya to help you.
RK: But I want you to help me.
M: Okay, in 10 minutes.

Around 9:20 am.
RK: Mommy, I want to eat now.
M: Okay, just give me 5 more minutes.

It was 10:00 am on the clock when I opened my eyes, got up, and wondered if RK was crying by that time. He and RC were coming up the stairs when I told RK, "Ok, let's eat now." To which he replied, "Oh, I already ate. I ate Cheerios and I helped myself."

Inspite of the above, I would say that this was a perfect day. On Sundays, I just want staying home. To RC, Sunday is cleaning day. I make them help me dust the furnitures, vacuum and wash the floors, and wash the dishes. We have a chores list on the fridge so they know what jobs to do when. I wash the clothes and they help me sort and fold them. Although they do help, I still do the most. I clean 2 rooms upstairs plus the washroom.

I asked RG to give RK a bath. RK came to me crying later because he said that RG pushed him. Sometimes I wonder if RG resents that I sometimes ask him to look after his little brother. R played ball in the house with RC and RK. They were giggling and laughing. RG was also giggling with his brother. The kids played Playstation games. RK cried when RG beat him in one of the PS games.

R and I didn't bicker today.

If only everyday could be like this.

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