Sunday, October 31, 2004

Fall back

Daylight savings time starts again. We set our clocks back one hour. Good for me, I gained one hour of sleep.

R was going downtown and I asked him to bring RC to buy him a new pair of shoes. I coaxed RC to go as he really needed new shoes.
Mom: There's a hole on the bottom of your shoe and they're already getting quite small anyway.
RC: (threw his head back on the chair) But we have to go trick-or-treating.
Mom: You will be back home before we had to go trick-or-treating.
RC: But I want to buy new shoes in the Spring.
Mom: If you need new shoes in the Spring then I'll buy you another one. If your shoes break any day now, then you'll have nothing else to wear.

He didn't go. I told him that he has to go next weekend before all the runners are gone in the stores and replaced by winter boots.

RK got a good scrubbing when I gave him his bath.

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