Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It's hard to let go

RG and I went to his school for the Parent-teacher interview. It was a very cloudy day, very gloomy. The brown leaves on the ground were wet and soggy. They didn't have that crisp crunch when you step on them. Some of the trees were already leafless. There were three guys in front of a high-rise apartment with leaf-blowers that also vacuum the leaves on the grass. That makes a back-breaking job easier.

RG doesn’t talk that much. We'd all be on the dinner table talking and he'd just be quiet. Sometimes I'd ask him something and he would take a second or two before he answers with a short response. Sometimes he wouldn't even answer, would just say "ah, um." And that would be it. When it's just the two of us like walking to school today, I'd break the silence by uttering something like “Before we go home, let’s drop by at Mac’s to see if they have Drano. That bath tub is clogged again.”

I had an interview with Mr. E, RG's Science and Homeroom Teacher. He said that RG was doing good and was above the average group in his class. RG mentioned that he already has a career, which is Music. Mr. E said that's good that he already knows what career he wants to pursue. He mentioned names of universities with good music curriculum that RG might want to attend, like our very own U of M, there's also one in Toronto, and even one in Texas. I hope RG doesn't go as far as Texas. He is such a good student and he gets good grades in his other subjects. I think that he would do as well if he pursues a different career in let's say Science or Math. But he is just so passionate about Music and who am I to hinder his dreams.

At night in bed...
RK: Mommy, where's my old bed?
Mom: We threw it out in the garbage.
RK: So where is it now?
Mom: The garbage truck took it in the garbage dump where they put all the other garbage.
RK: I miss my old bed.
Mom: But it was old and the spring coils were already poking your back.
(He started crying.)
Mom: Why are you crying?
RK: I miss my old bed. hoo hoo hoo
Mom: Oh RK. That's okay. Go to sleep now. I'll stay here a little bit more.

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