Monday, October 11, 2004


RK asked, "Mommy are we having turkey?" No. I cooked spaghetti. RK kept saying "Mommy, you're the best," because he likes spaghetti. Binola pa ako ng anak ko.

In the afternoon, I pulled out the dying and withering flowers that I planted out in the front and the side of our house. My marigolds looked like this when I first planted them in June.

R heard me complaining about my back when I finished. "Hindi ka kasi nag-e-exercise." He didn't have the to say that. Siya nga itong tamad kumilos at laging nasa harap ng computer or TV. While sometimes, I feel like I'm a single mom. I'm the one who's always up on my feet, the one looking after the kids, going to doctor's and dentist's appointments. If I ask him to give RK a bath, he sometimes makes me feel like he's doing me a favour. Even my niece A was complaining that he doesn't pitch in in mowing the lawn. Nakaka-inis.

R was upset that I have asked Shaw to remove our free channels. We've had them since March. When I called Shaw last week, I was told that they haven't got the chance to remove the free channels in some areas. I felt that we were stealing from them. R said that there were lots of household that still have the free channels and it was not a big deal. Well, that's not how I want to raise my children. (And I'm also scared that if Shaw discovered it on their own, that I would have to pay a sort of penalty.) RC also wanted the channels back and even added that to his wish list. I told him to ask Daddy to pay for them and then we'll have them back on.

I clipped R's nails on his right hand since his left hand was weak due to his injured finger. It was the first time I did it. I cut my kids' nail, but never his. I noticed that his right pinkie is crooked. He said that it's been like that eversince.

At night, RK and I read Dr. Seuss' “Hop on Pop.” He read most of the words. I taught him how to read the rhyming words. RC was amazed at RK’s progress in reading.
Mom: That’s how you all were, when you guys were just starting to read.
RC: Even me?
Mom: Yeah, and Kuya RG, too.
I gave RK lots of pats in the back.

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