Monday, November 01, 2004

Can I have one more?

There are too many candies in the house (Halloween treats). I don’t like it. RK kept asking me, “Can I have one more candy?” I kept saying, “Okay, only one.” But I think that he’s had more than enough by the end of the day. I was worried that he might dirty his pants when he’s sleeping at night. It has happened to RG before.

When RG was about two years old, R, RG and I went to live with Tito R for a little while. I suspected one afternoon when I came home from work that Tito R gave RG a bag of M&Ms. I think I told Tito R that he shouldn’t have given RG too much chocolates because he could have diarrhea. When we were all sleeping that night, all three of us in bed, (Tito R was kind enough to let us use his bedroom and he slept in the couch in the living room) R suddenly woke up when he felt something wet. RG pooped in his pants. Diarrhea. We all got up to clean the mess.

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