Thursday, November 04, 2004

He's blurry

RK had an appointment with the optometrist. He went to see her last year and she asked us to come back this year. RK’s vision testing at school went okay. But RK has been complaining whenever we were at church that he couldn’t see the priest at the front. “He’s blurry," he would say. Sometimes he would wear my glasses but he couldn’t really tell if he sees clearly with them on.

Before we headed to the bus stop, RK and I went to 7-11 to buy bus tickets. I realized that I forgot to bring the doctor’s address with me. We hurried back home to get it, but we missed the bus. We walked up the street all the way to the highway where we were to catch the connecting bus to the clinic. It wasn’t that cold anyway and we took our time walking so that he won’t get too tired. We enjoyed looking at the bushes which had these lovely bright red-orange colour. Most of the trees were already leafless.

Last year the optometrist told me that RK was on the borderline of wearing glasses. As of now, he has difficulty reading from a distance but doesn’t need to wear glasses yet. Although, he will for sure in a year’s time. In the meantime, she suggested that I ask his teacher to make him sit at the front of the class and try to watch if he’s squinting. If he does, he has to be checked again and he may need to wear glasses sooner.

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