Sunday, November 14, 2004

On taxes and fighting

RK, RG and I went to Zellers. RK needed to buy a present for his friend Blake. RG still couldn’t find winter shoes that he liked. He bought 2 sweaters instead. I told the cashier that the sweaters were for my 15-year old son so that I won’t have to pay taxes. She said that the no-tax is only for 14 and under. “Actually, he’s still 14, his birthday is next week,” I said. I didn’t know about that no-tax thing. She said that it depends on the store. Some stores impose the no-tax for 12 and under.

At night…
Mom: RK, don’t fight with Kuya RC, okay, also not with Kuya RG. Fighting is not good.
RK: But you fight with Daddy. This house is a fighting machine.
Although he said that in jest, I was taken aback. So my kids are aware of it. We should really stop fighting, especially in front of them.

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