Saturday, November 13, 2004


I worked 4 hours overtime today.

I e-mailed invitations to Ate A and C to come over next week on RG’s birthday. I didn‘t know that they were not speaking to each other. I just learned it from sis when I called her. I respect the sisters (Ate A and C) but I hate being caught in the middle of any tampuhan. I have been in situations like that before with family members and sometimes even friends.

At night, Kumpareng R and N came over. The stereo was blasting and I was ticked off again. But I tried to keep my cool. And I am proud of myself for that. I’ve been working overtime all week and I just want to relax. I told R to keep please keep it down when he came up. Later N also came up and talked to me when I was in the kitchen. He called the other day looking for R. He didn’t know that R’s gone back to work and that I work at home. It’s hard to be friendly when I am tired and ticked off.

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