Friday, November 12, 2004


Kids still had no school although I had work. The muscles on my arms were sore. Kids were testing my patience with their bickerings. The shrimp burned. I asked RG to look after the shrimp. He either didn’t hear me when I told him to turn it off in 5 minutes or he was too pre-occupied in the computer.

I noticed that I have more patience with the kids than I do with R.

Or it could be just that I realized that although RG's a teen-ager now, he is still just a kid. When I was around 12 or 13, Mama, sis, and I were living with my aunt in Manila. Mama was out one day and has asked me to prepare lunch before she came home. (Although we were living in the same house, Mama insisted to Auntie that we prepare our own food.) Well, I was young and I totally forgot the time. I forgot to cook something for lunch. Mama was very disappointed at me when she came home starving. I guess I didn't want to show my disappointment to RG since he does help a lot around the house. This was just one time that he messed up.

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