Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The cake

It was the warmest day of the week. I decided to go today to buy ice cream cake at Dairy Queen. I went during my lunch break. I bought the biggest size (a slab) as I need one for around 20 people. I had to wait for the bus home for about 30-40 minutes. I was worried that the cake would melt. I stayed away from the sun. There was a picnic table outside the store. I went there and placed the cake on the seat behind the shadow of the table. I thought of going back to the store to ask the girl to put the cake back in the freezer. But I was worried that if I did, I might miss the bus. It comes only every 40 minutes during the day. I just waited outside. It was a little cold anyway as I had to wear my gloves. I figured it was just like fridge temperature. So it wasn’t that bad. Forty minutes of waiting and another 30 minutes on the bus – that was over an hour that the cake was outside the freezer. It didn’t melt though. The decoration and icing didn’t get soggy. The cake was saved.

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