Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The case of the mysterious kisser

“Mommy, is somebody going to kiss me at the party?”

That was my son Ryland asking me this question on Saturday before we went to her Ninang (Godmother) Rowena’s Retirement Dinner and Dance. The last time my kids went with me to a party, one of my girl friends kissed Ryland on the cheek and he didn’t like it.

Ryland couldn’t remember which friend kissed him and so at the party, I asked Elaine, who was sitting across the table, if she was the one who kissed Ryland. No, it wasn’t her.

So, as friends started to arrive, I wondered who this boy-kisser was. My son would not be a victim again.

Ninang Maria, Ryland’s other godmother came, and I invited her to come over to our table so that he could bless Ryland. Blessing or kissing the hand of a godmother is a common tradition among Filipinos.

Maria eagerly got up from her seat. She headed straight for the little guy seated next to me and before I could thwart the “crime,” her lips landed on Ryland’s right cheek.

“Mommy, Ryland has red lipstick on his ear, ha ha ha ha,” Ryan said.

Poor Ryland had that pleading look when he turned to me. I immediately wiped the lipstick off his ear.

By this time, the culprit was already nowhere in sight. She was gone in a flash. I knew that if I just followed the trail – the scent of the food from the buffet table, I would have found her there. But I just decided to pardon her that time. I can’t blame her for wanting to kiss my adorable son.


Senor Enrique said...

Aaaah! So cute!

Darlene said...

That is so cute. I always tell my boys, "Lady lips are going to kiss you!" And I chase them and they giggle.

Sidney said...

The day will come where he will love a girl's kiss!

earthember said...

So cute! It's a boy thing when young. But they would love to be kissed when older.. haha