Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm not the only one

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot to send my youngest son to catechism with a picture of him and a friend for Show And Tell. Ryland told me about this homework the previous week but I totally forgot it. Well, it wasn’t written on his catechism notebook. So please forgive this forgetful mother.

This past weekend after catechism, my sister, whose daughter, Amica, is in the same class with Ryland, asked me, “Did you remember to send Ryland with his baptismal pictures and mementos?”

“What pictures?!! No, I did not. Did their catechist send them a note? Because he didn’t get one?”

“Yes, it was attached to the yellow note that reminded them that there were no classes last weekend.”

“Well, there was none attached to Ryland’s.”

There wasn’t. And yet I started to count my (small) failings as a mother.

After ten minutes, my dear sister was on the other line.

Ate*, it wasn’t Amica’s. It was Gaudie’s (my nephew) homework. When they came home from catechism that week, I gathered all the children’s notes and they got all mixed up. Ha ha ha.”

Gaudie told her mother that he was the only one in class who didn’t have anything for Show and Tell.

And there I thought that I was the only one who’s failing my children.

Please excuse my sister as well for her shortcomings. She has seven children.

*Ate – what Filipinos call an older sister

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