Friday, November 25, 2005

How cold is minus 25 windchill?

We've had a warmer weather today, minus 18 windchill. But the last couple of days, we've had windchill of minus 25. Brrrr.

That is not condensation on my workstation window. That is actually ice that has formed on the glass panes. My desk is right beside it. When it gets cold in the winter, you'll find me in a cotton sweater, cotton pants with elastic waistband, wool socks and sometimes I cover myself with a blanket. Yup, you can dress as comfortably as want when you work at home.

I try to avoid the icy patches on the sidewalk lest I slip and fall on my butt. But my son, Ryan, can slide gracefully through the ice as if ice-skating and he can glide through without slipping.

The icy roads are very dangerous, though. It can cause many vehicular accidents.

The pile of snow on the sidewalk is as hard as ground.

This block of ice is as hard as a rock.


earthember said...

Wow! That is sure cold. I thought that was condensation at first. That makes me appreciate the milder temperature here (4-6 degrees). But I still complained of the cold, the dry itchy skin very now and again.

Sidney said...

Are you not dying at minus 25 degrees?
Definitely I would not survive such colds. Everything lower than +22 degrees is already too cold for me!

Anonymous said...

Let me see, is it -25deg plus windchill? Arggh, if might get down to -30deg or something! You folks in Winnipeg are real sturdy man. We ocassionally get this kind of weather in Toronto but since our cars are not equipped with block heaters it could be a problem if it lasts more than 1 day.

Darlene said...

I love to have someone on the blog who relates to this cold. We had warmth for a long time this year, but now the cold is upon us. Ahhhh.

Hsin said...

Goodness! Never again will I complain about the milder temperatures here in Chicago. We arrived from gentler climes in Tokyo at about 15 C last weekend and I've been in bitch mode about the -1 C temperatures here.