Thursday, August 12, 2004

All by myself

RG took the bus by himself on the way home from band camp for the first time. For the last 3 days, I have been dropping him off and picking him up in the afternoon. I still can't let him go by himself in the morning because he has to cross the street on the highway. But he doesn't have to cross to wait for the bus home. His classmates Paul and Emmanuel were on the same bus (without parents) when we went home yesterday. So I thought that he could manage it on his own. After all he's already 14. I see kids younger than him on buses by themselves. It's just that this was his first time. We were lucky to live in an area where their schools have been walkings distances from our house. I don't worry if he walks to school or go to his friend's house walking. But commuting is different. Well, I am the over-protective mother! I just worry about him.

I still remember when I had to travel by myself for the first time. I must have been in Grade 1 or 2. We were without a maid and were looking for a new one.
“You will have to go to school by yourselves,” Papa told me and sis.
“But I am scared to go ride in the jeepney all by ourselves,” I replied with a long face.
“Oh, I am not,” sis said. “I know how to ride the jeepney all by myself.” She was only five years old.
Papa then said firmly, “You are big enough to go to school by yourselves, ok, Irene” And so we went to school all by ourselves.

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