Friday, August 13, 2004


Last day of band camp. I was worried when RG didn't come home on the same time that he usually did. He missed the bus and waited for the next one. I worry too much.

The "campers" had a recital at Jubilee Place tonight. We all went to watch, including R. In the past, R never went to his kids' school concerts. The first one he attended was RG's spring concert, where RG had a flute solo. He also went to RG's grade 9 graduation. He didn't attend his grade 6 graduation.

My niece A, Ma, Auntie D and Sparky also went. A said that she saw Auntie D fell asleep during the performance. Ma said that when they went to another Folklorama pavilion the other night, Auntie D also fell asleep during one of the performances. Sparky said that the performances at the recital were very good.

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