Friday, August 26, 2005

11 Inexpensive things I did this summer

As usual, I didn’t go away this summer. With a limited budget, I can’t really go on trips. But one doesn’t need to spend much to enjoy this time of year. These are some of the things I did with my family.

1. We went to The Red River Ex. We used two of the kids’ “Read and Win Pass.” Regular ticket price was $7.50.

2. We went to see the Bears on Broadway. This is free. There are three bears situated at locations other than Broadway Avenue. One outside the Winnipeg Art Gallery, one inside Polo Park, and one at the airport. The bears will be on display until October 2005.

3. Ryan and I watched a Goldeyes baseball game. Mama gave us two free tickets. Regular ticket price was $15.00.

4. We went to Steinbach Aquatic Centre. Entrance fee was $20.00 per family. Plus another $20.00 for gasoline. We carpooled with Mama. Steinbach is a city just an hour drive from Winnipeg.

5. We rented and watched lots of movies. Ninety-nine cents only every Thursdays at Pick-a-Flick.

6. We watched a free jazz concert at McNally Robinson.

7. We went to Folklorama. Entrance fee was $3.75 each. Children under 12, free.

8. We went to Tut at The Forks and visited the Egyptian Treasures Exhibition. Ticket was $5.00 each. Children under 5, free.

9. I read and finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince during my two-week vacation from work. The book sold for $21.40 at Superstore.

10. I held a garage sale.

11. I shopped for school supplies and clothes for the kids at Superstore, Zellers and Walmart. There are always great bargains at these stores. I avoided brand names as much as possible except for a few items. For instance, UHU glue sticks are better than generic brands. Payless shoes tend to last longer than the ones from Superstore and Zellers. My kids, and also myself, prefer the clothes style better at Sears or Zellers than those from Superstore or Walmart.

There are a few other things that one can do without spending much or anything. Picnics at parks, visiting the zoo, going to garage sales (instead of holding one), biking, hiking, camping.

How about you? What did you do this summer?


Sidney said...

Visiting blogs :-)

karen said...

hi! bloghopping!
we basically did the same thing cos we both live in winnipeg =).

ren said...

just bloghopping. i lived in winnipeg for five months before moving to edmonton on april of 2004. i wish i had the chance to see more of the city. i now just borrow kids dvds from our library, they have a huge collection and there is no fee. maybe you should check out your city library, too!