Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Colours of Fall

The snow is gone. Well, for now. It will come back to stay sooner or later. For the meantime, let us enjoy the view.

These pictures were taken these past two weeks. We were driving home from church when we spotted the (first) sight below. Four trees of different colours in one spot. Isn't that lovely? Click on the images for a larger view.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the well wishes!

hay! these pictures you share are reminders of what we'll be missing...pero ok na din, i've had my share of these for 7 years, so ok na din. hehe

justice here pala.

ruth said...

autumn is beautiful, no? :) i love the colours of autumn!

thanks for the visit nga pala!

Sidney said...

Lovely colors !

angeillo said...

I know what u mean. I also snapped as we drive past trees. Great pictures.