Wednesday, October 05, 2005

OOPS, He Did It Again

I always remind my three sons (and my dear husband) to flush the toilet after they use it, especially if they did number two. Because really, who wants to see somebody else’s poop.

I know, I am their mother and I’ve seen plenty a poop when they were still in diapers and when they were still toilet training. But come on, my youngest is seven and I thought I’ve already graduated from Toileting 101.

I also remind them to close the lid after they use it. Actually, what I tell them is to close the lid and then flush. This way the bacteria aren’t scattered around. A little tip I learned from an Oprah show. I thought this would solve our toilet seat problem.

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earthember said...

That's a funny post! Good old you. You scrubbed the ball.

Luckily, I don't have much of a problem now. The girls had been nagged non-stop about flushing. So now, they do it diligently. As for my 3-year-old, he's not toilet-trained yet.

Sidney said...

Boys are everywhere the same...