Sunday, February 27, 2005

The case of the broken washer

I have been doing laundry all day. RC and RK have been jumping and playing ball in their bedroom. After lunch, R got mad and made them stop. Later in the afternoon when I checked my last load in the washer, it wasn’t finished. The water didn’t drain. I thought the washer was broken. I tried to push the knob in and then out but it wouldn’t work. I checked the plug and it was in the socket. I told R that I would have to call a serviceman the next day.

Wondering what went wrong, R noticed that the green light on our carbon monoxide detector, which was plugged on the same outlet, wasn’t on. He found out that the main switch, where we plug the washer and carbon monoxide detector, was turned off. I suspected that it must have slipped down because of the shaking caused by the kids’ jumping up and down.

Sometimes, when I’m in the basement, the light bulb turns on and off when the kids are running in the kitchen, which is above our laundry room. I reprimanded RC and RK for jumping and playing ball in the house. When the weather is nice, I encourage them to play outside when they get that restless. But can I really blame them if they want to stay indoors during winter?

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