Monday, February 21, 2005

On losing my concentration

According to an article in a magazine: When you start having children, your level of concentration goes down.

I can attest to that.

I used to switch our bagged lunches (my kids’ and mine) and sometimes I would wake up in the morning and wonder if it was a school day or not. These things rarely happen now since I am more relaxed now that I am working at home.

Two more experiences come to mind.

When RG was still a baby, I once got up in the middle of the night to make him a bottle of milk. Instead of pouring the hot water in the bottle, I poured it in the can of Enfalac. Luckily, I have poured only a little bit of water on the powdered milk when I came back to my senses. Only the top was touched with water. I was able to save the rest of the can.

When RK was about 2, the kids and I went to Cartown, which was at that time just a few blocks away from our place. Before we left, I made sure that my camera was in my purse. When we got to Cartown, I searched for my camera but I couldn’t find it. So I hurriedly went back home, pushing RK in the stroller. I left RG, then 10 and RC, then 6, with the other kids. When I got home, I frantically looked for the camera. When I couldn’t find it, I checked my purse. Lo and behold, it was right there at the bottom all this time. RK and I went back flying to Cartown just in time. The activities just started. I took lots of pictures.

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