Friday, February 18, 2005

My guilt trip

I always take precautions when I am sick to cover my mouth when I cough and wash my hands especially before I handle our food. I used a different cup for brushing my teeth and even separated my toothbrush from the rest. But no matter how careful I was, RK still caught a cold. He probably didn’t catch it from me. He probably got it from the kids at school. Or I could blame the weather. I know that these swinging temperatures couldn’t be any good.

RK has been coughing these past few days. I made him take cough syrup and also Children’s Motrin on Wednesday when he had a slight fever. It helped that he saw me last week taking Robitussin because he didn’t like taking medicines either. I bragged to him that I took the medicine and it made me feel better.

Yesterday, he climbed up on my lap while I was still working.

RK: Mommy, can you play YuGiOh with me?
Mom: Oh no, not today. I’m working. But you know what? Tomorrow, I’m working only up to 5:00. We can play tomorrow.
RK: But what happens if I forget?
Mom: I will remind you.

He went back to his bedroom. The doors upstairs were all closed because R was cooking squid. We always close all the doors when we are cooking so the bedrooms won’t smell. RK must be running when he went to his bedroom. BANG. It was quiet for a few seconds. Then I heard a loud cry. I went to his bedroom. RK was on the bed crying. He bumped his head on the door. It must have swung open and hit his head. I felt his head. There was a small bump. I asked RG to get some ice downstairs. I wrapped it in a face towel and put it over his bump. RK didn’t like it. “No, Mommy! Stop, Mommy!” He kept begging me in between his coughs. I was hugging him and although it broke my heart to have him beg like that, I knew that I have to put ice on that bump. His begging went on for about 20 minutes. Then he fell asleep and I just left the ice on his head until he woke up after an hour. The bump has become smaller.

Today, I finished work early and I kept my promise.

RK and I played the board game YuGiOh DungeonDice Monsters. He showed me how to play the game. He loved teaching me. I didn’t really understand the object of the game but I just played along. What really matters is that I made my child happy. If he’s happy, I am, too.

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khelai said...

Hi!ate, musta? I always read ur journey to honeyville eh! na read ko nga pala dun na one time nauntog si rk then you put ice then hanggang nakatulog sya. did u know na its fatal.naalala ko kse nung caregiver class ko,nadiscuss namen yun. wag daw patutulugin yun bata pagnauntog. kse parang coma yun mangyayari. its ok to put ice basta don’t let him sleep.

Anyways,musta? sayang di ko man lang napapanood si rg magperform ng live. dame namen namiss sa paglaki nilang tatlo. But its better to hear na ok naman yun status at paglaki nila dyan,kesa kung nandito kayo baka di ma-afford yun everyday expenses nyo. sa mahal ng mga bilihin dito.everyday tumataas.

Can you forward yun e-mail add ni rg at rc if they have.e-mail ko nga sila.kamiss eh! Sa mga kwento mo.nakakatuwa sila.buti at mababait at smart.

O sige til my next e-mail.God Bless!ikamusta mo ako kay kuya