Monday, February 14, 2005

i heart u

RK and RC had Valentine’s Day parties in their respective classes. They also exchanged Valentine cards with their classmates.

I got a heart-shaped Cadbury milk chocolate from work. I didn’t get any flowers or Valentine’s card from my husband. I didn’t give him any either. We’re just not into it. And I don’t really care.

R and I are witnessing first-hand the break up of the marriage of our kumpare and kumare. He is R’s best friend. And it is really disheartening because they have two small kids.

The whole situation with our kumpare and kumare has been an eye-opener for me. It must have been for R as well. We fight less now and are getting along better than ever. Or it could probably be because he’s not working and just at home relaxing. He’s less tired. Or it could probably be that I am also less stressed because he’s helping more around the house. Or it could be that we both have matured and tolerate each other more. Well, whatever it is, I like this. We’re learning to appreciate each other more. I hope that we maintain this blissful serenity.

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