Wednesday, February 02, 2005


It has warmed up this past week. The snow has started to melt and it is slushy outside. The snow is now mixed with sand and dirt. It looks and feels like spring. And we’re just in the middle of winter!

I went to my dreaded appointment with the endodontist to continue the root canal that Dr J wasn't able to finish. Dr. R was a very nice fellow. He made me feel comfortable as I sat and then lay down on the dentist chair. He froze the left side of my mouth. Then he placed the rubber dam and made me open my mouth as wide as I could.

Dr. R: Are you okay?
Me: Ah ah (yes)
Dr. R: This will make a vibration.

I heard a whirring sound. I closed my eyes.

Dr. R: Are you okay?
Me: Ah ah (yes)

He probed and poked my tooth. He didn’t squish my lips like Dr. J did. I lay there half awake wondering what he was doing. It took me to those times I delivered each of my three babies, lying on the operating table, all frozen in the tummy area, but conscious of all the poking and pushing that the doctor was doing.

After he filled my root canals, he used a glue gun to seal them. The smoke made me want to sneeze. I was glad that I didn’t. I That would have been embarrassing. I could just imagine myself sneezing with my mouth open.

When the hour-and-a-half procedure was done, I suddenly got the sniffles. I went to the ladies room and blew my nose. It has not been easy to do that since the left side of my nose was also frozen. I felt kind of groggy as I headed home.

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