Saturday, March 05, 2005

She was laid to rest

We all attended Ate Alice’s funeral service. Fr. Dado gave a beautiful service. My niece A read the first reading. Kay, Connie’s daughter, did the second reading. Sis and I delivered our eulogies to Ate Alice. My voice started to crack when I went up there to read my piece (my February 26th entry which I revised). Although I managed not to break down in tears, I did stop a few times to get my unbroken voice back. Later, a few people said that our eulogies were very encouraging and uplifting.

Kuya Nestor, his 2 boys and Kay were in tears. Before the coffin was closed, Nanay Ayo and Connie wailed. “Wala na si ditse (mo)!” It was so heartbreaking. My kids watched in awe. This was the first time that somebody very close to us died. I don’t think that any of these has sunk in their young minds yet. My first experience of death in the family was when I was 10 – when my paternal grandfather died. I don’t remember crying.

This song was sung during the lamay:

Mahiwaga ang buhay ng tao. (Life is indeed a mystery.)
Ang bukas ay ‘di natin piho. (We don’t know what life has in store for us. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We could be gone tomorrow.)
At manalig lagi sana tayo. Ang Diyos siyang pag-asa ng mundo.

Pag-ibig sa ating kapwa tao. At laging magmahalan tayo. ‘Yan ang lunas at ligaya at pag-asa ng bawa't kaluluwa. ‘Yan ang hiwaga ng buhay ng tao.

Why does it sometimes take the death of a loved one to realize the pain we have caused each other? After the funeral service, I told R, we better show our love now for each other while we’re still both here. Let’s not fight anymore. You don’t want to cry and be sorry when I’m gone.

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