Thursday, March 17, 2005

Time-out on St. Paddy's

RK: Mommy, do I have to wear green today?
Mom: No, if you don’t want to.

Every channel on TV today is talking about St. Patrick’s Day. I learned why he is celebrated on this day. It’s because he drove the snakes out of Ireland. Read more about St. Patrick here.

After school…

RK: Mommy, all the boys in my class had a time-out today.
Mom: Why?
RK: Because we threw snowballs on the wall.
Mom: Why did you?
RK: Because all the boys did.
Mom: What did you do at time-out?
RK: I had to write on paper: “I’m sorry Mrs. S. for throwing snowballs. I will never throw snowballs ever again.” And then I wrote my name.

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