Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Spring is in the air

The temperatures are getting warmer. We can now open our windows when we cook. Our spring jackets are out. Snow is slowly melting away. The snowbanks are getting smaller. Some are just heaps of sand now. A rug, actually a piece of carpet with an ugly green colour and a black winter glove with the fingers sticking up have reappeared in our backyard. They were buried all winter under the snow. Who knows what else is buried there? I guess we’ll find out soon.

And we’ll soon say goodbye to these sights…

Boots and mittens drying over the heating vent

Airconditioning unit covered in plastic

It is spring break. The kids are home and I love it, even though they drive me crazy.

RC: Why do I have to dust the tables? They always get dirty anyway?

Mom: RC, where are you going? It’s your turn to wash the dishes.
RC: I’m just going to get something upstairs.
Mom: Oh, you better come down here after. I know your trick. You’re just trying to walk away from your chores.

RC: (Plays ball in the bedroom) He shoots, he scores. Yes!!!

RK: Mommy, Kuya RC won’t let me in the bedroom because he’s playing basketball in the house.

RK : Mommy, Kuya RC called me a bad name.

RK: Boo hoo hoo, Kuya RC hurt me.

RK: Boo hoo hoo, Kuya RC is laughing at me.

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