Thursday, March 03, 2005

She was loved

I went with sis to Ate Alice’s viewing (lamay). R, RC, RK and my niece A went as well. RG wasn’t able to come because he was at a friend’s place recording an audition piece for the Honour Band. A lot of people came. The group from the Couples for Christ-Handmaids, which Ate Alice was a member of, came. The girls from JMJ Fashions, were she worked as a supervisor, were also there. The girls were in tears. Mama told me that when their boss announced on Monday that Ate Alice was gone, the girls cried uncontrollably and they were sent home because they could no longer work. Nanay Ayo, Connie, and Kuya Nestor were also in tears. The chapel was full. You could tell how much Ate Alice was loved.

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