Monday, April 04, 2005

April showers

It rained. RC’s hair was wet when he came home. “Why didn’t you put your hood on?” I asked. “Oh, I didn’t know it was raining,” he replied. How could he not? Didn’t he feel his hair get wet? Here’s another one who wouldn’t wear his hood.

RK’s socks and shoes were soaking wet. “I didn’t see the water puddle,” he said. He walked right through it. I should have made him wear his rain boots. But it wasn’t raining in the morning when they left for school.

At night, RK read “When the day is warm, the reptile’s blood is warm.” He read the oo in blood as he would have read food. “It’s blood,” I said. (As if there’s only one o.) "But there's two o's," he said. "I know, sometimes it's tricky," I explained.

When he started Grade 1 in the Fall, the first two words that he learned were “red” and “school.” He has learned a lot since then. He’s now reading books all by himself.

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