Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sick and shut in

On Thursday night, RK said, "Mommy, I think I have chicken pox. " I lifted his shirt and indeed he has red, bumpy rash on his chest. Oh my! I felt him and sure, he had a fever.

I wasn’t worried that much. I’ve been through this before. RG and RC both had the pox. The first time RG had his was when we went home to the Philippines when he was 16 months old. RC had his around the time of his first birthday. RG caught it as well. Yes, RG had the pox twice.

I remember when I had the chicken pox. I was 12 years old. My parents had separated the year before and Mama, sis and I were living with Aunt in Manila. I used to share a bedroom with sis and my three cousins (all girls). I was quarantined and my two younger cousins, who hadn’t had the chicken pox yet, stayed in their parents' bedroom. Although we were tight on money, Mama bought me a couple of Sunkist oranges. They were quite expensive then.

I was in sixth grade and we were in the middle of final exams. Fearing that I would fail and repeat Grade 6 if I missed the tests, I went to school accompanied by Mama. She made me wear this white long sleeved blouse and white knee-high socks to cover my blisters. She begged my teachers to let me take the exams. But my teachers wouldn’t and they exempted me from the exams. I did graduate and got my diploma.

When we visited the pediatrician on Friday, she confirmed that it was the chicken pox. She told me that the rashes would continue to appear up to five days and it will be contagious during that time. I bought some more calamine lotion. I didn't realize that they do expire. Today, I gave RK a baking soda bath. It helped relieve his itching.

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