Monday, April 18, 2005

My chocolate chip muffin

Last week, RK brought home a book titled “Chocolate Chip Muffin.” I said, “Hey, RK, you are my chocolate chip muffin.” His dried up blisters from the chicken pox looks like chocolate chips.

We had a beautiful summer-like weather on Saturday and he wore shorts. We were playing on the couch after his game. One of his scabs came off when he brushed his leg against the couch. It bled a little and he cried. I put a band-aid on it. Then he brushed his other leg on the couch and another scab came off. Another band-aid. “You better wear your pajamas,” I told him.

He has been very sensitive since he had the pox. I have been very careful whenever I give him a bath or dress him up because the the bigger blisters hurt when they're touched. He also has a few on his scalp and he brushes his hair only lightly. I am also very careful whenever I hug him because sometimes it hurts when I squeeze him too much.

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