Thursday, April 07, 2005

My reality shows

Two of my favourite reality shows are “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race.” I have watched every season of both shows except for "The Amazing Race 6." I like “Survivor” because of the challenges and I enjoy watching the tropical locations. I like “The Amazing Race” because it brings us to different parts of the world and it gives us a glimpse of different cultures. I also love to watch people work together either to their team’s advantage or detriment. If ever I’d join this race, I don’t think I’d bring my husband with me though. We’ll just bicker and probably be the first to be eliminated.

The other night, RC came to me with the World Atlas showing me where Palau is. The current season of Survivor was shot in Palau. Palau is just east of the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean.

Tonight, on Survivor, the reward challenge involved eating balut, a partially formed duckling egg. This was the second time I saw a balut-eating challenge on TV. I think the first time was on Fear Factor a couple of years ago. Of course, we, Filipinos know the balut so well. I have to admit, though, that I need somebody else to eat the balut with me. I can’t eat that duckling embryo. I only like to sip the liquid and eat the yolk.

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