Sunday, April 03, 2005

Spring forward

Daylight Saving Time begins. We turn our clocks one hour ahead. Somehow, I don’t like it. Either I lose an hour of sleep or lose an hour of my day. And it’s a pain changing all the clocks in the house, even those of the oven, microwave, and VCRs. Well, my newer VCR changes on it’s own. Manufacturers should start making clocks that do that – automatically change the time two times every year.

Warmer temperatures last week of up to plus 8 have melted most, if not all, of the snow all over the city. Just in time for the Junos, (Canada’s music award show) which is held tonight here. Downtown has been cleaned and spruced up for this celebrity-filled event.

I am finally able to wear my runners outside. I still haven’t put away the winter boots and jackets. You just never know if that white stuff will come down again.

In our backyard, I can see patches of green grass soaking wet from the melted snow. And yeah, I’ve discovered what else was buried there – pieces of garbage, mostly my recyclables which my kids and their cousins snuck out of my blue box. My garbage is treasure to them.

R has re-assembled his bicycle, which has been hanging in a corner of our basement all winter. He went out biking this afternoon. For exercise? What about helping me do the groceries and carrying those heavy bags? I think that’s a pretty good exercise.

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