Thursday, January 13, 2005

Extreme temperature

There was a blizzard warning last night but we didn’t really get a lot of snow. We had extreme windchills again. RC wouldn’t wear his scarf in the morning. Anyway, he wore his hood and it covered his neck. He’s very conscious of how he’s dressed. He’s only ten. It’s probably because he’s around six graders in his class. He wants to be one of the “big kids.” I think I was also around ten when I started to notice the opposite sex and begun to have crushes. Before I left the house to run errands for either Ma or Pa, I would make sure that my hair is combed or my clothes were okay. Well, we can’t be too vain in extreme weather like this. We have to cover up or we’ll freeze.

I was also bundled up when I went out today. I wore layers of clothing. I wore my warmest sweater. R haven’t shoveled our pathways yet. The roads were slippery. I made sure that the cars were totally stopped before I crossed the streets. You’ll never know when a driver might lose control of a vehicle on the slippery roads. On Main Street, I saw two Hydro service guys just finishing a job and closing a manhole by the sidewalk. They were also covered up. I wouldn’t want to work outside especially on such a weather. It was windy. Snow from the rooftops were blowing everywhere. People were all bundled up from head to toe. It's not that bad if you're dressed warmly. Or I guess I'm just getting used to these cold temperatures.

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